ICFP 2016 Student Volunteers reports

Written by Gabriel Scherer
Published: 2016-10-15 (last updated: 2016-10-15)

Many people need to work together to organize a several-hundred-people conference. There is a lot of scientific work involved, defining the events that will take place, accepting talks to them, etc. There is also a lot of non-scientific work involved, before and during the conference itself. During the conference, a portion of that work is done by student volunteers, that pour around a dozen hours of work each, in exchange for free registration. I personally think it's a great way, as a student, to travel at lower cost, meet new people, and see the organization side of an academic conference.

If you came to ICFP 2016, you surely interacted with student volunteers, when coming at the registration desk, or to get your lunch box, attend the banquet or the receptions, to get the microphone to ask a question. Some of the ICFP videos available online were also recorded by student volunteers.

This year we asked student volunteers to write a blog post to say a few words about their conference experience. This is what this section is for. See the list of student posts, and feel free to subscribe to the syndication feed, which also contains summaries of the conference talks.