One talk really stood out for me

Written by Imaculate Mosha
Published: 2016-10-17 (last updated: 2016-10-19)

I’m Imaculate Mosha, a final year Undergraduate student at the University of Cape Town. I study Electrical and Computer Engineering and I’m working on Machine Learning for my final year thesis. My interest in functional languages grew from Dyalog APL, Scheme and Haskell. I was a student volunteer at ICFP 2016.

Most of the talks were great, some were over my head, one really stood out for me. It was ‘How to write papers so people can read them’ by Derek Dreyer -- see the slides or video. I was drawn to it because I have just started writing my thesis, my very first research publication. The main point of the talk was that there is a gap between the author and readers. To bridge this gap, the paper must have flow, coherence, new terminologies must be named and relevant concepts be introduced just in time, not earlier. He also gave a paper structure that works best. Later than evening, I ended up rewriting my entire thesis!

For a more complete account of my ICFP'16 experience, see my personal blog:
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