The talk was very educational and interesting

Written by Ryo Sakuma
Published: 2016-10-26 (last updated: 2016-10-26)

I am Ryo Sakuma and I am a graduate student at Tohoku University.

My current supervisor is Eijiro Sumii. I participated in ICFP2016 as a student volunteer.

I am studying about verification methods for concurrent data structure. In particular, concurrent separation logic.

I thought the most interesting talk at the conference was "Hierarchical Memory Management for Parallel Programs" by Ram Raghunathan et al. This talk presented a hierarchical memory manager for parallel functional programs and a parallel garbage collector.

I am mainly studying verification for low-level languages that do not have a garbage collector. The talk was very educational and interesting because I do not know a lot about garbage collectors and also I did not know the term "hierarchical" memory management.

Unfortunately, I was not able to understand the whole talk because I do not have enough English ability and technical knowledge. This experience motivated me to study more English and this field of study.

It was a very motivating experience to listen directly to top-level researchers having lively discussions. I hope to one day be able to participate in these kind of discussions.